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You are a default cylinder (Cause didn't bother making a working model) that holds a flash light on its shoulder. The objective of the game is to run around the snowy island collecting the 12 santa hats which are scattered around the island. Once all 12 are collected you will have to escape the island to continue to the next level. Second level is not in production currently and will not unless real interest in the game becomes present.

Instructions for Escape the snow man: "w a s d" or arrow keys for movement, "1,2 and 3" To change camera perspective, "M" To mute the background music, "Shift" To run, "C" To crouch, "P" To pause the game and "Q" to Hide/Show the mouse.

Instructions for Capsule Parkour: "w a s d" or arrow keys for movement, "SpaceBar" for jump.

For all those playing on windows the texture quality will be greatly diminished!

If you encounter problems with the game (and there are a few) then please email me at (vpnm30@hotmail.com). And hopefully I will have them fixed soon.